Membership Plans

Club Membership

Cartella Bella’s core benefit is its beautiful Portfolio of luxury vacation homes, villas, resorts and boutique hotels world- wide.  Our Membership plans are custom made and tailored to fit your travel needs. We begin with our Standard Membership and build onto that with a selection of Member add-ons such as holiday reservations, advance reservations and a suite of luxury services.


Bronze              –          No Advance Weeks

Silver               –           1 week off-season

Gold                –           1 to 2 weeks

Platinum          –           2 to 3 weeks

Diamond         –           4 to 6 weeks


Each level can be modified to fit the member´s needs and wants.

Number of weeks may vary depending on exact location and season.


For a select few, we are offering our Founder’s Circle Memberships.  These Memberships will be limited to just 30 to 45 right-fit Members.  Founding Members will share exclusive use of between 16 to 25 ultra high-end and magnificent homes around the world.  Benefits of our Founders Circle are many including the ability to reserve more than one Club home at a time allowing travel for large groups, family reunions or corporate events.

MEMBERSHIPS virtually for “Free”

Join Cartella Bella with no out-of-pocket costs and make a healthy return!

Using a unique proprietary investment plan we can take your existing retirement funds (this can also be done with non-retirement funds) and convert them into a secure life insurance policy, earning a safe return, that literally pays for your Membership in Cartella Bella and in the end, worth twice as much as your original principal amount.

In addition, for a very limited amount of time, we are offering our Founder Members a number of pre-IPO stock in our partner company, Compass Energy Holdings as well as a limited block of shares in Cartella Bella.

Full details available upon application.