Let Cartella Bella Fractionalize Your Home

fractionalize your homeFRACTIONALIZE YOUR HOME

Many prospective Members who are interested in joining Cartella Bella, currently own second homes that for one reason or many, are opting to hold on to.  However, with the financial burdens tied to owning and the reality of not using the home nearly as much as hoped, members are seeking creative and viable alternatives to make it easier to retain and manage their real estate holdings.  As part of the services we offer members, our team of experts in the fractional real estate industries may be able assist you in fractionalizing or creating the structure whereby you may share ownership – and the associated costs, with other qualified individuals while allowing you to become a member of Cartella Bella.

We offer customized Fractional plans to suit your financial and usage needs and wants, allowing you to retain an ownership interest if desired, while providing an attractive, affordable and marketable alternative to whole ownership to potential buyers, some of whom may be current Cartella Bella Members.  As a benefit, you are offered the ability to join Cartella Bella as an associate Member with little or no upfront costs or membership fees.


Other prospective Members own second and third homes that are currently on the market for sale.  Cartella Bella is in the market to purchase uniquely desirable Club homes in various world-wide destinations.  Your homes could be a right-fit for the Club.  If through our due diligence process, we determine that your home is one we’d like to include in our exclusive portfolio, along with the purchase terms we would include membership for you and your family in Cartella Bella.